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Kris Conner




Melissa Green

Vice President

Hello! My family has been hooked on lacrosse now for 3 years. My oldest son was invited to a practice one Friday night. He loved it so much that we immediately left that practice, went straight to Sports Authority, and bought the gear needed to play in the game the following day. We were passionate about this sport from day one. My first year with RLC was last year. I served as team mom and loved cheering from the sidelines. I am so honored to now be serving on the board and helping this sport grow! I have coached many sports myself and I am very active in the schools and the community, which I feel will be a huge asset to my new role.

“It’s a family; Lacrosse is not like any other sport; it’s more a way of life”- Adam Gardner


Angie Reed


I am happy to be able to serve the club as treasurer this year, and look forward to an exciting 2016 season. My family became involved in lacrosse when my son started playing in 2014. I have been a huge fan of lacrosse for years and was excited that my son choose to start with the Puyallup panther organization. Lacrosse is a game of teamwork, integrity, tradition and I feel very honored to be part of the organization. I look forward to the exciting opportunities this year as we start the new Rogers Lacrosse Club!


Karen Riley


I became a member of our lacrosse family in 2016 when my son decided that Lacrosse looked "awesome". We started in the K-2 program and fell in love. We not only love the game on the field, but also what we are gaining off the field in friendships and community.  We are continuously impressed with the high level of sportsmanship, and honor to the game that is being brought at every opportunity. Last year I was able to contribute to the organization by being the team mom, helping out as scorekeeper, spotting, and timekeeping. This year I am happy to be stepping up my contribution as the Treasurer. I am looking forward to a great year both on and off the field!  


Charles Lia

HS/Youth Girls Athletic Director

This will be my second season as the Puyallup Panthers Athletic Director. My daughter became interested in Lacrosse about 6 yrs ago, while we were walking through Dick's Sporting Goods.  I helped out as sort of team parent, mostly chasing balls down and looking for them in the bushes. The following year I got more involved with score keeping and spotting for her coachs. About four years ago I took the level 1 & 2 coaches training, and worked with the 5/6 and  7/8 girls teams. I have had a blast every year and look forward to working with all teams and coaches in the coming months and season(s). I look forward to working with the coaches and parents to help ensure that our ladies have a challenging and rewarding season.



HS Boys Athletic Director



Trever Huddleston

Youth Boys Athletic Director

I became a member of the Puyallup lacrosse family in 2011 when I signed my son up for his 1st season. I was immediately impressed by the game, not only the speed of the game, but the level honor and sportsmanship that was encouraged at every practice and at the end of every game. Over the past 5 years I have participated as a parent, an assistant coach, a head coach and now as the Boys Youth Athletic Director Rogers Lacrosse. Each year I see players develop and friendships made both on and off the field. I expect that this year will be no different. I look forward to seeing everybody on the field, routing on our teams, and hopefully celebrating many victories.


Tony Duck

Website & Registration Director

I became a member of the Puyallup Lacrosse Club in 2011, and have coached each year since then. I have enjoyed coaching the boys and the girls as an offensive coach and defensive coach.  I've especially enjoyed the friendships and memories made with other coaches, club members, and athletes.  I've also put time in as a score keeper and spotter, and always ready to lend a hand where needed.  I was never a player myself, but loved watching the sport whenever I could catch it on TV. Our son has played since 2011, and our two daughters have played since 2012.  The youngest member of our family began her lacrosse adventure with the Puyallup Lacrosse Club inaugural K-2 program in 2015. Our entire family believes in the ROOTS of the game and want to see it grow in the northwest for youth sports and beyond. I bring my technical expertise to create better communication and connectedness to the club.


Amy Conner

Business Development Director



Isaac Hildebrandt

Program Director



Janeen Wilcox

Operations Director



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